About Fabric NCO

Fabric NCO is a small family run business run by a Grandmother and Granddaughter.

Our Story:

Unfortunately on the 17th May 2016 my amazing Grandad passed away. My grandparents lived a while away so I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I’d of liked too. He was the most caring, funniest, beautiful man to walk this earth and his memory will live forever. After spending her whole life with my grandad my nan was torn to bits with her loss. Weeks passed and we decided it was for the best that my Nan came to live with me; and that’s where our story starts…

Interior design, home furnishings and all things sparkly have always been a huge passion of mine. So when my Nan moved in I didn’t hesitate to get experimental with her sewing machine. I began to spend most my time on there and me and my Nan would sit there for hours discussing ideas and sharing the work load – both adding final touches to every single item. After I uploaded some photos online I had a massive response and that’s when our hobby turned into a business. 

Since starting Fabric NCO in November 2016 our business has gone from strength to strength and our products feature in several celebrities homes. 100% is put into every single item and we strive for nothing less than perfection. 

This business would not of started without my Nan, nor my Grandad so I have them to thank and I will make sure my Grandads memory forever lives on. He will always be talked about here at Fabric NCO. 

We pride our selves on our quality,our prices and our customer service and our only plan for the future is to continue to grow and turn your houses into a beautiful home.


``May there always be an angel by your side``

Shaniece x